Back to High School Sorted! FREE outdoor plans for KS3!

Back to High School Sorted for KS3! FREE Downloadable plans to ease the stress of going back to middle school for KS3.  Topic = Photosynthesis Enter your details below to start your free download now!   Don’t forget! For instant access to over 1,500 outdoor learning resources from 2 years to KS3, plus access to […]

Back to Nursery Sorted! FREE outdoor plans for EYFS!

Back to Kindergarten Sorted for EYFS! FREE Downloadable plans to ease the stress of going back to nursery for EYFS. Topic = Dinosaurs Enter your details below to start your free download now! Don’t forget! For instant access to over 1,500 outdoor learning resources from 2 years to KS3, plus access to our exclusive outdoor […]

Back to School Sorted for KS2!

Back to School Sorted for KS2! FREE Downloadable plans to ease the stress of going back to school for KS2.  Topic = Rocks and Soils Enter your details below to start your free download now! Don’t forget! For instant access to over 1,500 outdoor learning resources from 2 years to KS3, plus access to our […]

What can WE do to help combat climate change?

The COP26 summit has (thankfully), brought the burning issue of climate change back to the forefront of government policies after 18 months of ‘environmental lapse’ due to COVID. In my experience, I saw too much shameful ignorance of environmentally friendly attitudes excused by COVID. Gluttonous seizing of products; single-use masks, aprons and gloves pebble-dashing the […]

Start of Academic Year Offer for Schools to Improve your Parental Partnerships

Start of New Academic Year Exclusive Offer Don’t miss out on our back-to-school offer! Subscribe to our Teacher/ Leader Membership before 10th September 2022 and get our Parent Add-on Membership for just £5 instead of £20. * That’s a great saving whilst promoting your parental partnerships. Our Parent Add-on Package will give all of your parents […]

Introductory videos to explain our Outdoor Learning resources

We have uploaded a variety of quick and helpful videos, in order to show what is available to you once you subscribe and also to help our members to navigate our growing library of over 1,000 Outdoor Learning resources. Select a video below to view. Please do get in touch if there’s a particular video […]

New 10 Year Outdoor Learning Schemes Exclusively by Outdoor Learning Made Easy.

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our two, unique and exclusive, 10 year schemes for Outdoor Learning. Our Pioneer Scheme © is a fully comprehensive scheme of work consisting of ten levels, or years, around 8 areas of learning. 10 progressive and carefully planned levels, each worth a year of teaching & learning. […]

NEW Outdoor Learning Videos

We are now providing FREE outdoor learning videos to help make it even easier for you to develop your outdoor skills and knowledge. New videos are regularly being added! This should be particularly helpful during the coronavirus pandemic, as they are easily followed from your own back garden with minimal resources! Click on this link […]

Should we have fires as part of outdoor sessions?

In light of recent news that sales of the two most polluting fuels (green/ wet wood and coal), will be phased out in England to help cut air pollution by 2023, (BBC News 21/02/20 – link to article at the bottom of this blog); should we be having open fires as part of our outdoor […]

Why we need curiosity and how outdoor learning can foster it

Why we need curiosity and how outdoor learning can foster it There are numerous articles which discuss the benefits of promoting curiosity amongst children of today. Most evaluate the current education system’s tendency to push out children’s creativity and drive towards attainment targets and set curriculums instead. Wendy Berliner states that, ‘teachers who concentrate on […]

Get creative with nature and show someone you care this Valentine’s Day

<3 Why not think more sustainably this Valentines and get creative with nature? <3 We have the perfect nature craft for you to try. <3 Get creative and add your own personal twist to our design. <3 Give it to someone you care about this Valentine’s Day and spread the love for nature. Download our […]

Outdoor learning helps children build ‘invaluable life skills’

The benefits of pupils learning outside of the classroom are becoming increasingly publicised, but many teachers still shy away for fear of exposing children to too many risks. In my latest article, published by ‘Independent Education,’ I explain why outdoor learning is essential for learning. Read the full published article here:     Searching […]

Become a ‘Tree Expert’ this New Year!

Why not commit to investing some of your time into gaining a closer understanding of a particular tree this New Year? This can be great for both teachers/ leaders, other adults and for all children in order to: Improve your knowledge Extend your understanding Become more aware of seasonal changes Increase observation skills Learn to […]

20 Top Tips for an Eco-friendly Christmas

1) Buy local Reduce the carbon footprint of your purchases and support small businesses by shopping in your local specialist suppliers. Many rely on your custom to feed their families rather than your spending lining the pockets of multinational corporations. Buying local also means less postage-linked transport pollution and single-use postage-packaging. 2) Car share or […]

Summer Outdoor Challenges

Some argue that the summer is the best season to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors, with the long days, lighter nights, warmer weather (hopefully!), and thriving nature. In that case, why not try our Summer Outdoor Fun Challenges? How many of the outdoor tasks can you complete this summer? Download the challenge chart here […]

Looking after our outdoor environment

Why it’s more important than ever to hold and promote eco-friendly attitudes towards sustainability and environmental protection We all know that spending time outdoors brings many benefits for both ourselves and for the children in our care. Many schools and families are opting to take their children outside more often in an attempt to re-connect […]

FREE Team-building Game

Here at Outdoor Learning Made Easy, our aim is to foster a love for the outdoors. Download our free team-building game, ‘Teddy Camps‘ here now! This game develops shelter building skills, team-work and tactics in a fun outdoor game. …………………………………………… Click here for more information about our great value subscriptions for teachers/ leaders giving you […]

Exciting Updates to our Online Outdoor Learning Resources

Thank you to everyone who completed our online survey. We have listened to what outdoor professionals really want and have made some exciting changes to our outdoor resources: We have reduced our membership subscription to make it more accessible and greater value. Our commitment is to provide cost-effective resources whilst remaining as a sustainable business. […]

Guidance resource: Dressing for the outdoors in cold or wet weather

Outdoor fun can quickly decline to a miserable experience once cold or wet. Play and learning in the outdoors can be a highly enjoyable and valuable experience given the correct clothing. Stay safe and comfortable whilst outside this Winter/ Spring with our FREE guidance resource.   Downland here

How to make outdoor learning a filling in your educational sandwich

Why outdoor learning should remain an important filling in the already jam-packed and fully-squeezed school sandwich of teaching and learning. How are we going to fit it all in with everything else? How can we afford to introduce outdoor learning with tighter budgets and funding cuts? These are all-to familiar questions I am often asked. […]

Back to School Sorted! Free Outdoor Learning Plans and Activities for KS1 :-)

Back to School Sorted for KS1! FREE Downloadable plans to ease the stress of going back to school for KS1.  Topic = Fairies Enter your details below to start your free download now!   Don’t forget! For instant access to over 1,500 outdoor learning resources from 2 years to KS3, plus access to our exclusive […]

EVEN MORE team building & problem solving challenges!

New for 2018, we have added EVEN MORE team building and problem solving challenges to help you to extend your pupils’ self-esteem, communication, cooperation and thinking skills. All games and activities link to topics and outdoor themes and have full links to EYFS/ KS1 & KS2 National Curriculum. These new resources can be found in […]

Guide to using our website for your Outdoor Learning needs…

We have made this friendly guide for teachers/ leaders to show how to use our website resources. Click HERE to access the guide and see what our membership can offer you. In addition, we have provided you with a NEW planning template, so you can use our resources to piece together your ideal Outdoor Learning […]

** New Category – PLAY-BASED SCENARIOS **

New for 2018, we have introduced a whole new category for your Outdoor Learning provision: Play-based Scenarios. Facilitate effective Outdoor Learning through play-based learning scenarios which act as prompts for experiential learning and higher order thinking skills whilst, most importantly, having fun playing! Each scenario has full links to EYFS/ KS1/ KS2 English National Curriculum. […]

FREE Outdoor Advent Calendar!

Download our FREE Outdoor Advent Calendar and enjoy a different outdoor challenge everyday on the run up to Christmas. Click on the link below… Like this activity? Parents: Sign up to our parent membership package for 6 fresh outdoor activities every month, complete with guidance sheets. Click HERE to find out more Teachers/ Leaders: […]

Read our article published in Headteacher Update: Ideas to make Outdoor Learning work for your school

Alex, the director of Outdoor Learning Made Easy, offers some practical strategies and ideas to incorporate outdoor learning into primary school life despite time, locational and budget restrictions – and particularly in urban areas. Read the full article by clicking on the link below:  

New team building and problem solving activities added

Encourage higher order thinking skills and develop communication skills through our team building and problem solving activities, as part of your session introduction. Instead of giving children the answers, they learn many more skills and develop logical thinking, by finding the answers out themselves. Our team building and problem solving challenges encourage children to communicate […]

Outdoor Learning Planning Template

*New Content* *Our planning template helps you to piece together your perfect outdoor session, from our wide selection of resources* We have added an easy-to-use planning template which you can use to piece together your perfect lesson from all of our website planning resources. The template maps out the different activities from our wide selection […]

Risky play is beneficial, but are your policies and risk assessments up to scratch?

‘Risky play’ is beneficial to children as it teaches children to self-manage their own risk and become independent and safe learners. All outdoor learning activities contain an element of risk, but with effective practice and facilitation, it is managed to a level in which the benefits outweigh any risk. Ensure your establishment is providing effective […]

We are now pleased to offer the NNAS Young Navigator Award Scheme

Outdoor Learning Made Easy is now a registered provider of bronze, silver and gold levels of the NNAS Young Navigator Award Scheme. Improve your students’ skills and knowledge whilst gaining a nationally recognised award. Alex, our course director, will not only provide level-specific training and assessment for all your pupils, but will also provide exclusive […]

Wild Wednesday Magic Ice Solution…

Still trying to solve our ‘Wild Wednesday Challenge,’ and pick up an ice cube with a piece of string?! Many people have been asking how to do it, so we’re sharing the solution and also the whole session plan, including curriculum links for EYFS, for FREE! Download it here and try with your pupils/ children […]

FREE: Outdoor Inspiration poster!

Print this free poster to encourage others to join you and venture outside! To print the poster, click on the small image below to open it larger, then right click on the larger image and select ‘open image in new window’, then print.

Wild Wednesday Outdoor Inspiration (22-03-17)

Here’s some more FREE inspiration for another fantastic Wild Wednesday outside! With the help of our membership resources and plans, you will have the knowledge and ideas to facilitate experiential shelter building linked to numerous curriculum topics and objectives. Aiming to cover numeracy today? Why not cover your objectives through our fun and practical activities […]

Natural beauty products from plants

Outdoor Learning Made Easy are pleased to recommend Weleda advisor and homeopath Jane Hampson, for holistic natural cosmetics and beauty products, and services. After facilitating Outdoor Learning, we could all sometimes benefit from some extra TLC! What better way to keep ourselves in full health and skin-softness than with natural products? Weleda is world renowned […]

How Outdoor Learning supports and extends learning from inside the classroom

I may be showing my age, but it was about twenty six years ago when my teacher thrust a text book under my nose showing a picture of some Ancient Egyptian contraption he had called a ‘shaduf.’ It all looked a bit primitive to me. I remember looking at it with glazed-over eyes, thinking, “How […]

A guide to introducing Outdoor Learning and Forest School in your establishment

FREE Outdoor Learning presentation This handy information guide in pdf format illustrates how you can introduce Outdoor Learning and Forest School in your establishment and why it is so important. You may use this guide to present to staff in your school or parents of your pupils. To access the presentation, click on the link […]

Book now for our Training Courses coming up this May.

Outdoor Learning Made Easy are running the following training courses this May in partnership with Cambium Sustainable and Fairfield Preparatory School: Forest School Leader Level 3 Award What is it? Become qualified and confident to lead Forest School sessions whilst improving your knowledge of child-based learning and your understanding of natural environments. When? 9th, 10th, […]