Outdoor Learning Made Easy Pioneer Scheme ©

Outdoor Learning Made Easy has written a unique and exclusive Pioneer Scheme ©

Our Pioneer Scheme © is a comprehensive 10 year scheme of work based around 8 principles of outdoor learning.

It is available within our Teacher/ Leader Subscription HERE

Further details about Outdoor Learning Made Easy’s Pioneer Scheme © can be found below:

What age is the scheme for?

The scheme is suitable for all ages and abilities from 2 upwards.

It is written in 10 levels. Each level consists of a year’s worth of objectives to work towards.

What type of settings can use the scheme?

Our Pioneer Scheme © is suitable for a wide array of settings such as: schools, nurseries, colleges, home-learning, outdoor centres, teachers, scouts & guides, outdoor leaders, etc. It is linked to curriculum objectives, subjects and topics and suitable to be used worldwide.

Do you need any special training to use the scheme?

Our Pioneer Scheme © has 6 main areas of learning and 2 optional areas of learning, fire-pit activities and tool tasks. For the 6 main areas of learning, if you are familiar with leading groups, you will be able to follow the scheme. For the two optional units, qualifications and  experience in using tools and fire both independently and with groups should be sought before following these objectives.

Our Teacher/ Leader Subscription also includes a vast library of policies, procedures, risk assessments, outdoor skills & knowledge guides, which will help you to follow the scheme safely and effectively.

We can offer training for these two practical units and all other areas of outdoor learning in our courses and services section. Contact us for future dates and details of training HERE.

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What are the areas of learning for the Pioneer Scheme?

The 8 areas of learning are:

  • Outdoor Learning Made Easy’s 5 Core Values (Wellbeing, self-management of risk, environmentally friendly, creativity & resilience)
  • Environmental Awareness & Sustainability
  • Outdoor Skills
  • Species Identification
  • Knots & Lashings skills
  • Reviewing & Reflecting
  • Fire-pit Finesse (optional unit)
  • Tool Tasks (optional unit)

How do we fit the scheme into our school's curriculum?

Our Pioneer Scheme is written by our co-director Alex, a highly qualified teacher and outdoor practitioner with experience of implementing outdoor learning into a variety of settings.

The Pioneer scheme objectives are written so they can easily be applied into your school’s current schemes of work if you so wish.

Alternatively, we provide you with a comprehensive scheme of work complete with long term yearly plans of 6 topics per level, medium terms plans of 4 sessions within each topic, and session plans which include between 4-6 activities per session (starter, main activities, extension challenges, plenary activities and optional fire-pit/ tool tasks)*


* Our Pioneer Scheme of work and progress trackers for all 10 levels are available now. We are uploading comprehensive session plans for topics within levels, some levels are available now, some will become live over the next few months once they have been finalised and checked. We have decided to filter them in as soon as complete, rather than wait until they’ve all been completed, so you can enjoy these as soon as possible.

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