“Highly recommended. I’ve been using everything Outdoor Learning Made Easy offers to make my planning so much easier. Loads of easy to follow plans with full learning outcomes explained. This is the best online site I have come across.” Jo, ODL Instructor, Borders – Suffolk/ Norfolk

“The best online site I have come across.”
“Love it!! Fantastic ideas with useful links to curriculum topics. Great resources to aid planning and a general source of inspiration. Thank you!”
Anna, Teacher/ Outdoor Practitioner, Midlands.
“Love it!”

“Alex led our recent school expedition across Costa Rica. She was supportive, encouraging, full of good advice and fun to be around. Both myself and all of the students really loved her. We have been lucky to have Alex lead our expedition. Any school would be lucky to have her facilitate their own outdoor learning adventures.”

Secondary school teacher, Kent

“Any school would be lucky to have Alex facilitate their own outdoor learning adventures.”

“Alex ran a whole-school, whole-day INSET training at our school. She was an engaging instructor who was very enthusiastic and inspirational. We didn’t stop the whole day (aside from breaks!). Great knowledge builder and staff team building- more useful than normal INSET days!”

Teacher, Durham.

“Engaging instructor & more useful than normal INSET days!”

I signed up for the Outdoor Learning Practitioner Level 2 qualification course which started in May ran by Alex. I cannot thank her enough for the wealth of knowledge I now have. The course content and activities were great, and the area that Alex has developed is absolutely fabulous. It was fantastic to be able to see both the area and how Alex facilitates effective Outdoor Learning. I was able to bring back some great ideas of developing my own school grounds and come away with a huge collection of resources which I have been able to use immediately. Since the training course, our school has taken part in many outdoor activities, and the children loved them all!

L.Hill, Leicestershire

“I cannot thank Outdoor Learning Made Easy enough for the wealth of knowledge I now have.”

Alex’s service from Outdoor Learning Made Easy was extremely professional and gave me assurance I was receiving a good service. The children’s attention was held throughout and they loved every minute.

C Howes


“Extremely Professional.”

Alex led our school expedition to Zambia during the Summer 2016, which consisted of 13 students aged between 16-18 years and three teachers from our school. Alex facilitated brilliantly, ensuring the students had a chance to take some control. She was knowledgeable and caring and supported the students and school teachers brilliantly. There were no issues on expedition, and Alex sorted anything that needed sorting quickly, quietly and without a fuss. 10 out of 10!

Secondary School Teacher, Wendover

“10 out of 10!”

I am currently setting up our outdoor area at school and as well as booking onto the Outdoor Learning course, I decided to subscribe to the website too. It’s definitely worth investing in: the teachers’ membership is full of useful documents and policies; and the resources are brilliant, giving you lots of ideas. I will be relying on them when I start taking groups outdoors. It is clear that the website has been created by an experienced practitioner, and what a good idea to share her wealth of knowledge with the rest of us! I am looking forward to the qualification course and can’t wait to get outdoors to start trying the different ideas. Thank you Outdoor Learning Made Easy! You have saved me hours of planning and preparation time!

Mrs Wale, Primary Teacher

“You have saved me hours of planning and preparation time!”

Alex led my daughter’s 6th birthday party in our garden last weekend, and the children absolutely loved the activities. From the very start their attention was captured as they hunted for their named ‘wood-cookie medallion,’ made wooden jewellery from elder, and enjoyed toasting marshmallows on the fire-pit. It was so thrilling for the children to be able to use tools and learn about the fire-pit in an enjoyable, but safe way. I have had some amazing feedback from the other parents, one girl in particular said it was the best birthday party she has ever been to! I thoroughly recommend Alex and Outdoor Learning Made Easy for unique, nature-inspired activities for your kids.

J. Hampson, Nottingham

“The best children’s party she’s ever been to…”

“The creation of a new high-quality Outdoor Learning Environment enhances learning all in weather conditions. The provision is excellent with a range of opportunities to flourish beyond the classroom. The resources for outdoor education are outstanding and the quality of teaching is excellent. Exciting activities are planned for children to investigate and learn in a stimulating outdoor environment. There are numerous opportunities for children to develop their imaginations. Cross-curricular links enhance pupils’ experiences and offer them opportunities to develop creativity. There is a well-judged balance between activities imaginatively devised by the children and those led or supported by staff. Teaching indicates excellent knowledge of the subject area.”

Taken from statements about Alex’s Outdoor provision from her school’s setting ‘Independent Schools Inspectorate’ report, March 2016.

“The resources for outdoor education are outstanding…”

Alex ran my son’s Forest School birthday party in December. The children loved their name tags from log discs, building dens, making their own skewers to toast marshmallows around the fire-pit, and creating magic potions for the forest elves and fairies! Alex provided all of the materials and her delivery and quality of the party was first class. I would highly recommend Outdoor Learning Made Easy and Alex to anyone wanting a stress-free party or for anyone interested in other Outdoor Learning activities and resources. Her knowledge, enthusiasm and obvious love of the outdoors was fabulous to witness.

Mr. J Clarke, Leicestershire

“I Would highly recommend Outdoor Learning Made Easy…”