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We provide you with a growing library of hundreds of regularly updated plans, resources and guidance documents bringing together Outdoor Learning, Forest Schools, Environmental Education, Field Studies and Outdoor Skills, linked to the English EYFS and Primary National Curriculum KS1 & KS2. (Plans and activities can also be easily related/ adapted to other curriculums outside of England.) Piece together your own unique outdoor learning sessions based on your objectives, time constraints and locational factors.

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  • EYFS KS1 & KS2 (ages 3-11 years) £49.00 + VAT per annum
  • EYFS KS1 & KS2 plus PARENTAL PACKAGE £69.00 + VAT per annum


If I subscribe, what do I get

£58.80 incl. VAT / year

Parent Package

Allow parents to have access to the parent resources

Benefit from…


  • Instant access to a growing library of over 800 outdoor plans, covering a wide range of topics, subjects and skills; all linked to EYFS and Primary National Curriculum KS1 & KS2 objectives.
  • Vast range of specialist support materials including: teaching resources; policy and risk assessment guidance; site development ideas; monitoring and assessment charts; and Outdoor Learning Award schemes.
  • Innovative and flexible cross curricular approaches, to achieve excellence in outdoor learning, based on your needs and requirements.
  • Resources for all types of settings, locations and stages of development; from start-up, to experts.
  • Option to add on the Parents’ Subscription for just £20. Improve your parental partnerships by providing your parents with access to our ‘Parents’ Section’ of monthly outdoor activities.

Need to know more?

Download the index of contents from our teacher portal, the content is continually being updated so this is a guide of the minimum content available.

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