OLME eBook: Hairy Scary Spider

Introductory Information

Share our eBook as part of your Outdoor Learning sessions or story time to develop children’s literacy skills whilst teaching them about spiders, senses, team-work and outdoor games.

Who is this eBook for?

Anyone parent or teacher who is interested in teaching their children about nature through stories and fun outdoor activities. It is suitable to be used in schools, nurseries, outdoor areas or back gardens, all over the globe.

What does this eBook package involve?

You will receive an online version of our own story ‘ Hairy Scary Spider’ and five follow up lessons, complete with curriculum links, resources, and fun ideas.

See our FAQ's below

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FAQs – OLME eBook: Hairy Scary Spider


Who is this eBook for?

Anyone parent or teacher who is interested in teaching their children about nature through stories and fun outdoor activities.

What are the resources for this eBook?

  • This eBook package includes the eBook, ‘Hairy Scary Spider,’ which was written by our co-director Alex Alves & beautifully illustrated by her talented father Michael Carter.
  • Hairy Scary Spider is a rhyming picture book which teaches children about rhyme, repetition, rhythm, points of view, empathy, senses, spiders and friendship.
  • The package also includes 5 follow up lessons and their resources.
  • One of the lessons is a text focus lesson that can be carried out inside or outside. It involves a variety of resources to help your child’s literacy skills, which can be split into further sub-lessons.
  • The other four lessons are fun activities and team challenges which can be carried out in your outdoor environment. All session guide materials, objectives, curriculum-links and resources are provided.
  • The eBook package can be adapted to suit any primary aged children. Differentiation ideas for different ages and abilities are provided.
  • The book is written in the English language and the package is suitable for any location or setting.

How long can I access this eBook and the linked resources?

Once you have purchased the eBook, you are welcome to use it as long as you like.

What age children is this eBook suitable for?

This eBook is suitable for toddlers and children of all ages and abilities. The follow-up resources have differentiated activities to adapt and choose from.

Can I share the eBook?

All of our resources are copyright, which means you should not duplicate them, edit them or copy them in any form. You are permitted, however, to photocopy or adapt the accompanying lesson resources, but you must not pass them off as your own work. You may share the eBook & associated resources with your immediate family or work colleagues who are in the same household/ setting. You should not share it with anyone outside of your own household or setting. We work endlessly to provide you with cost effective outdoor learning resources at the best possible prices. Please respect that we are a family business and support this. Thank you.