Eco Friendly Outdoor Sessions CPD Workshop

Introductory Information

This workshop enables outdoor professionals to review and improve their practise in line with environmental issues.

Who is this workshop for?

Anyone who is involved in leading sessions in the outdoors who is interested in pledging to promote and practice eco-friendly outdoor provision.

What does this workshop involve?

  • Find out and understand why eco-friendly outdoor sessions are needed.
  • Discover what the main issues are for the environment when leading sessions outdoors.
  • Calculate your current outdoor sessions ecological footprint.
  • Pledge to reduce your impacts whilst promoting good practice and sustainability.
  • Set targets, track your progress, celebrate your success and share good practise.
  • This course can be completed with your group of pupils to involve them
See our FAQ's below

£9.99 incl. VAT

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FAQs – Eco-friendly Outdoor Sessions CPD Workshop


Who is this workshop for?

Anyone who is involved in leading sessions outdoors.
E.g. Schools, teachers, assistants, nurseries, nursery nurses, forest school leaders, outdoor learning practitioners, Scout/ Guide leaders, bushcraft leaders, outdoor activity organisations & instructors, environmental educators, nature workers, play workers, child-minders, home-school tutors, coastal/ beach school leaders, etc.

What are the workshop sessions for this course?

Unit 1: Understanding the key environmental issues of leading sessions outdoors
Unit 2: Calculating your current outdoor sessions ecological footprint
Unit 3: Improving your outdoor sessions ecological footprint
Unit 4: Reviewing and celebrating your successes & taking your practise into the future.

What happens when I finish unit 4?

On complete of this workshop, you may fill in a ‘course completion form’ which we will review and then send you a certificate of completion.

How long will this course take to complete and how long can I access the workshop resources?

This depends on your current outdoor practise and how much time and effort you commit to this pledge. On average, it could take between one term (3 months) and three terms (10 months) if you
do a little bit every week. Once you have paid for your course, you can take as long as it needs to complete. Our workshops are designed to be manageable within a year.

What if I don’t finish the course within a year?

No problem, you have as long as you need 🙂

Can I share the workshop resources with my friends & colleagues?

If you purchase the workshop as an organisation, you may share the resources/ work with your colleagues so that you can work together to improve your organisation’s eco-footprint as a whole. You
are not permitted to download and share (or duplicate) our resources with friends or colleagues who are not in your immediate organisation.

Please see our Workshop Terms & Conditions for further information.