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make-it-easyWe are the first educational service in the UK to offer a growing library of over 800 high quality resources, bringing together: Outdoor Learning; Forest School; Coastal School; Bushcraft; Environmental Education; Field Studies; and Outdoor Skills, all with full links to EYFS and National Curriculum KS1 & KS2 objectives.

One section of our site is tailored towards teachers and leaders:

  • Save hours of time
  • Flexible resources which can be pieced together to fit your ability requirements, timings and location.
  • Select activities which link to your current topics or subjects.
  • Extend thinking skills and improve self-confidence through skill-based activities and team-building problems

The other area of our site is tailored towards parents and outdoor enthusiasts:

  • 6 fresh outdoor activities ready to download every month
  • Linked to the seasons
  • Suitable for ages 3 – 11 years and all locations
  • Extend your child’s learning
  • Improve family bonds and connect with nature

(This membership is available for families or can be added on by schools for a nominal fee, as part of their ‘promoting partnerships with parents’ strategy.)

Our primary aim is to enable more people to enjoy and connect with the outdoors. We strive to do this in the most cost-effective way for all of our customers and ourselves.

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Improve Behaviour and Motivation to Learn

Children are more engaged with learning and motivated when outdoors. It also has positive impacts on their behaviour.

Use our resources as part of your Positive Behaviour Strategy. Motivate and stimulate your pupils and staff, so not only do the pupils enjoy coming to school, but lessons are also a pleasure to teach for the staff. Use our optional award scheme to track progress and to motivate learners.

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Benefit health and wellbeing whilst connecting to your local environment.

Learning outside can improve health and wellbeing, whilst decreasing stress levels. Moreover, a philosophy of respecting and protecting nature is built upon a love for it.

Foster an ethos of respect for each other and of the environment. Schools do not have to worry about finding more timetable space: subject and topic plans can fit within your current schemes of work.

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Enrich learning with innovative and holistic activities.

Develop children’s higher order thinking skills that feed into academic subjects, through enquiry based learning.

Activities facilitate skill developments and experiential learning over and above the normal curriculum. This knowledge, emotional intelligence and higher order thinking skills, feed into academic learning. Use our session reflection activities to improve students’ emotional literacy.

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Boost self-esteem and teach self-management of risks.

Improve emotional intelligence, confidence and self-esteem. Facilitate safety awareness and self-management of risk. Use our policies, procedures and guidance documents to help you to provide safe and effective practise. Browse our ideas for site development and improve teacher and pupil knowledge through facts and ID sheets.

Allow children to take a part in steering their own learning and development and encourage them to grow into responsible members of society.

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