Should we have fires as part of outdoor sessions?

In light of recent news that sales of the two most polluting fuels (green/ wet wood and coal), will be phased out in England to help cut air pollution by 2023, (BBC News 21/02/20 – link to article at the bottom of this blog); should we be having open fires as part of our outdoor […]

Why we need curiosity and how outdoor learning can foster it

Why we need curiosity and how outdoor learning can foster it There are numerous articles which discuss the benefits of promoting curiosity amongst children of today. Most evaluate the current education system’s tendency to push out children’s creativity and drive towards attainment targets and set curriculums instead. Wendy Berliner states that, ‘teachers who concentrate on […]

Get creative with nature and show someone you care this Valentine’s Day

<3 Why not think more sustainably this Valentines and get creative with nature? <3 We have the perfect nature craft for you to try. <3 Get creative and add your own personal twist to our design. <3 Give it to someone you care about this Valentine’s Day and spread the love for nature. Download our […]

Outdoor learning helps children build ‘invaluable life skills’

The benefits of pupils learning outside of the classroom are becoming increasingly publicised, but many teachers still shy away for fear of exposing children to too many risks. In my latest article, published by ‘Independent Education,’ I explain why outdoor learning is essential for learning. Read the full published article here:     Searching […]