EVEN MORE team building & problem solving challenges!

New for 2018, we have added EVEN MORE team building and problem solving challenges to help you to extend your pupils’ self-esteem, communication, cooperation and thinking skills. All games and activities link to topics and outdoor themes and have full links to EYFS/ KS1 & KS2 National Curriculum. These new resources can be found in […]

Guide to using our website for your Outdoor Learning needs…

We have made this friendly guide for teachers/ leaders to show how to use our website resources. Click HERE to access the guide and see what our membership can offer you. In addition, we have provided you with a NEW planning template, so you can use our resources to piece together your ideal Outdoor Learning […]

** New Category – PLAY-BASED SCENARIOS **

New for 2018, we have introduced a whole new category for your Outdoor Learning provision: Play-based Scenarios. Facilitate effective Outdoor Learning through play-based learning scenarios which act as prompts for experiential learning and higher order thinking skills whilst, most importantly, having fun playing! Each scenario has full links to EYFS/ KS1/ KS2 English National Curriculum. […]